To Click or Not to Click... The battle to keep mobile bill payments safe for data

An Expert Panel Discussion Sponsored by Answer Pay

Pay by Link is growing in use within the financial services industry, as banks and other financial services companies adopt the mechanism in their apps to service growing demands for mobile payments.  But does that make sense when it encourages payers to click on links?


Chaired by Phil Cracknell, former Cabinet Office Cyber Security Lead and serial CISO in the UK information security industry,  join our virtual event to hear what our roundtable of information security experts have to say.

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Catch up on the debate on one of the hottest topics of the payments industry.

Our panel of speakers highlight some of the major discussion points when it comes to the increase in Pay by Link payments.

Search the term ‘Pay by Link’ and you will return a succession of promotions by providers suggesting this approach is useful, convenient and secure.

Tech leaders know there is an audience of buyers today that want to do be able to do everything from their mobile phones. The demand for mobile payments is on the rise.  Consumers want to move money quickly and easily, but they also have clear expectations regarding payment security.

For more than a decade Information Security professionals have discouraged going on unknown links.  The risk banks and other financial services companies face is to adopt Pay by Link solutions (irrespective of how safe the given app might be) is to risk encouraging user behaviours that conflict with data security guidance, and that ultimately give rise to fraud. 

So, what does the information security industry have to say about this change in company attitudes?

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Phil Cracknell

Phil Cracknell

CISO & Cyber Advisor

IP Performance

Nick Prescot Profile Picture

Nick Prescot

Senior GRC Consultant

Nettitude Group

Finbarr Joy Profile Picture

Finbarr Joy

Financial Services CTO

Answer Pay

David Toozs-Hobson

David Toozs-Hobson

Cyber Specialist

Cyberfort Group

tim burnett

Tim Burnett

Security Architect


Peter Wood picture

Peter Wood

Lead Consultant

Naurally Cyber

peter cornforth

Peter Cornforth

Payments Specialist

Answer Pay

Alex Martin Profile Picture

Alex Martin

Cyber Consultant

Cognisys Group

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