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Transform the payment experience for your customers and stay ahead of regulation

One size fits all no longer applies to the payment experience of your customers.  The cost of living crisis has impacted repayment dates and Direct Debits are failing as customers look to pay via alternative means.

Regulators are increasingly looking to intervene to give consumers access to their data and the flexibility they need.  Called “Smart Data” this legislation looks to take the successes of Open Banking and apply it to other industry sectors mandating that APIs must be made available to expose consumer held data in secure manner.  

The benefits of Request to Pay  

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“Smart Data”

Comply with new legislation by enabling your customers to securely access invoice data and pay with their chosen third party provider

More visibility

Get greater insight into your customers ability to pay and engage prior to defaults

Safe and secure

Easily take regular payments without card vaults and PCI-DSS compliance

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More Flexible

You receive a bank transfer but your customers pay how they want be it cash, card or faster payments

Get paid faster

More ways to pay means it’s easier for your customers to send you their money

Fixed fees

Pay a fixed fee per Request to Pay message and avoid expensive percentage based charging with variable interchange and complex scheme fees

We supply the digital infrastructure to equip billers to request digitally, collect faster and reconcile easily

Issue a payment request through Answer Pay‘s APIs and it is delivered directly to the payment app of your customer.  This ensures better conversion than invoices sent by e-mail or text.

As the payment request has all the payment details pre-configured your customer can then within a couple of taps easily make a payment.  Immutable transaction reference numbers mean that when you receive confirmation of a payment, reconciliation is a simple affair.





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Scale payment volumes

Maximize profitability

Win customers through superior client services

Easy Integrations

We have multiple integration options including:

Invoice data integration

ERP system integration

Direct API

CSV file uploads

See the video to learn about our easy cloud integration option

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