How much does APP fraud cost you?

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Reduce your fraud and help support the vulnerable

Authorised Push Payment Fraud costs the UK financial services nearly £600M a year and with the accelerated roll out of SEPA instant there are fears that this contagion may also spread to continental Europe.

This comes at a time when PSPs and their customers are least able to afford it.   The UK’s National Trading standards authority reports that the loss of just £100 due to fraud would mean that 25% of UK families would not be able to pay their bills.  For your bank it means that not only are you losing out on fraud reimbursements but you’re also hiring more staff to support customers through cost of living challenges.

Securely receive invoices in your app

Integrate our API and enable your customers to receive their invoices directly from their billers in your payment app.   As we validate the payee identity and secure the communication channel between your app and the payee, your customer can place greater trust that the originator of the message is who they say they are.

Our platform is the only one that is able to provide full coverage of all the major utility companies and suppliers.  

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Support vulnerable customers

Aggregate bills from all suppliers in your app and empower your customers to pay who they want, when they want and how they want.


ID validated

Bring down your authorised push payment fraud by giving your customers an alternative to clicking on payment links sent via social media, SMS or email


Increase engagement

Secure not just one transaction but a whole series of regular payments in your app and create highly personalised experiences.

One API, 30 million businesses

To empower your customers it isn’t enough to offer the ability to view standing orders or Direct Debits.  Supercharge their experiences and give them the ability to automatically receive their bills from any supplier regardless of how they pay them.

To make this possible we connect to businesses via Request to Pay schemes in UK and continental Europe,  via cloud accountancy platforms, via invoice data feeds and lastly via direct access.  This gives us the maximum reach covering all your customer’s suppliers whether they have formally joined a Request to Pay scheme or not.

We take the complexity of these integrations and deliver it to you via a single API.  Best of all it is future proofed.  As Open Finance develops and regulators of utility companies mandate the availability of “Smart Data” (think Open Banking for utilities), through our compliant services you will be in prime position to deliver winning experiences to your customers.







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Scale payment volumes

Maximize profitability

Win customers through superior client services

The benefits of Request to Pay  

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Avoid APP fraud

Requests for payment are only received from trusted parties – unlike those received on SMS, email or social media.

Support more, cost less

Enable you customers to aggregate all their bills in your app.  More visibility means more empowerment and less call centre calls.

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The best coverage

We’re the only Request to Pay provider that can provide coverage all your customers major suppliers.

Celebrate your engagement

Don’t just manage transactions, help to manage relationships.  Securing future recurring transactions in your app can help you upsell your wider services.  

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