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Answer Pay helps banks to grow payments using Request to Pay


Request to Pay is a digitised bill payment experience that makes payment initiation easier for billers and payers (bank customers).

Our certified “payments as a service” platform connects banks to the Request to Pay network. It means they save money on building tech infrastructure, refocusing resources on building differentiated customer experiences in their apps that help grow payment volumes.


We supply the digital infrastructure to equip billers to request digitally, collect faster and reconcile easily

Answer Pay helps banks and payment service providers to launch their own Request to Pay service, overcoming the technical hurdles. 

Our Request to Pay services equip them to harness digital payments by offering a flexible, low-cost solution to bill payment. 

The simplest way to make payments is to settle a digital payment request received via a trusted mobile app.

Money is collected faster, while reconciliation is simplified.


Scale payment volumes

Maximize profitability

Win customers through superior client services

Why partner with Answer Pay?

Our white label digital platform equips Payment Service Providers to implement their own branded Request to Pay digital payment service.

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In June 2020, Answer Pay became the first certified provider of Request to Pay services, and the first to complete live transactions.

Meet the team

Mike Chambers
Mike Chambers



Former CEO of Bacs processing approx. 7Bn transactions annually.  Mike is a payments industry luminary.

Gary        Parlett
Gary Parlett



Founder and CEO of both Answer Digital and Answer Pay, Gary is a successful serial entrepreneur in payment technology.

Peter Cornforth
Peter Cornforth

Commercial Director


Payments product specialist. Over 10 years
experience in the payment arena with Santander,
Vodafone, Amazon and Paysafe.

Finbarr        Joy
Finbarr Joy



Former CTO of Superbet, Lebara, William Hill.  Finbarr puts the Tech into FinTech.  Hugely successful at running high volume high integrity platforms.

Dr. Ismail Bhana
Dr. Ismail Bhana

Head of Engineering


Dr. Bhana is an experienced software engineer, architect and computer Science PhD with a track-record of project successes in the FinTech sector.

Answer Pay was founded to meet the growing needs of businesses and workers in the gig economy.

We’re passionate about the economic and societal potential of digital payments; their ability to democratise fair billing practices, help to share wealth and stimulate economic growth.

Some things you can take for granted:

  • Always low, predictable fees
  • Reduced transaction fees to billers
  • Minimised fraud risk
  • When we say our integration is painless, that’s precisely what we mean
  • We’re a trusted provider of secure payment technologies
  • We meet all GDPR compliance and data security requirements
  • We’re certified to comply with the UK’s Request to Pay standard
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