Request to Pay benefits

Effective bill payment solutions for billers and payers

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Empower payers by delivering secure digital payment power in your app

Increase customer engagement by empowering clients to aggregate and pay bills in your native app.

Your customers create a unique Request to Pay ID in your brand, which they then share with their billers, who will send all future invoices to it.  By connecting to Answer Pay SPX™ you can retrieve those messages and deliver them securely to your banking application.  Customers can manage all their requests and pay bills using the payment methods you provide.   

Request to Pay benefits for payers

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Customers see all requests from all their billers in one app for easy prioritisation and payment management

More control

Payer initiated payments reduces unauthorised overdrafts incidents 

Payment choice

Customers choose your application for your excellent UX and a range of payment methods


Talking to a biller about a payment has never been easier

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More trust

Requests arrive in their chosen secure app not as email/SMS links

Extensible services

Invoice data can be used to build richer services for your customers

Easy to use

A single payment experience across all billing relationships

No hidden charges

Removing additional charges for the use of alternative payments set by billers

Billers can cut their costs of payment and cash management with Request to Pay

As a provider of a billing or accountancy management platform, you can offer your clients a new payment experience that has the flexibility of cash with the control of Direct Debits.

Request to Pay helps reduce the cost of managing bill payments by enabling a two-way digital communication between billers and payers for invoice payment.  An added benefit of Request to Pay is that it’s easily reconcilable; the solution can cater for the specific needs of your business.

Request to Pay benefits for billers

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Lower cost

Only pay a fixed fee for the request, rather than a percentage of its value – no processing costs

Surety of payment

Offering more ways to pay gives billers a greater surety of payment

Simple payments

All payments are received by the biller as bank transfers

Improved cash flow

Improved visibility of client issues and options for part payment, improving conversion

Easy to integrate

RtP can be easily linked-up to your existing billing platform

Remote Control

Extend payment deadlines, provide more information all from a single interface

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