To click or not to click... the battle to keep mobile bill payments safe

To click or not to click white paper cover page

Search the term ‘pay by link’ and you find a series of ads from companies offering these services.  Pay by link solutions are a response to the demand for convenient and fast digital payment solutions from our smartphones. However, this trend seems to fly in the face of information security advice.

We explore the ‘state of play’ in the financial services market and seek perspectives from industry experts. We seek to answer,

“What can financial service providers do to safeguard mobile bill payers from link attacks?  Is there an alternative solution?”

Contents include:

⇢ A fundamental security flaw
⇢ Has the world gone mad?
⇢ Innovation imperative
⇢ Phishing attacks are on the rise
⇢ When did Pay by Link become acceptable? 
⇢ What is being done to protect customers?
⇢ Request to Pay, a better security option

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