To click or not to click... the battle to keep mobile bill payments safe

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Google ‘pay by link’ today and you will see a series of ads and promos from tech suppliers offering pay by link services.  These solutions are responding to a growing consumer trend; the result of people wanting to use their smartphones as their primary device to run their lives, including their money transfers. “Payment Link – Brilliant new way to get paid,” says one provider.

It’s an odd trend that seems to fly in the face of information security advice.

This white paper explores the ‘state of play’ in the financial services market, seeks perspectives from industry experts, and asks the question – ‘What can financial services providers do to safeguard mobile bill payers from link attacks?’


⇢ Three in ten…
⇢ A fundamental security flaw
⇢ Has the world gone mad?
⇢ Innovation imperative
⇢ The devil in your phone
⇢ Some facts
⇢ Phishing attacks have become the most
⇢ The new attack surface prevalent attack vector.
⇢ Drivers for Pay by Link
⇢ When did Pay by Link become acceptable? 
⇢ What is being done to protect customers?
⇢ Request to Pay, a better security option
⇢ Bibliography
⇢ Contact

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