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Request to Pay is a network and key to any network is reach.  That is why at Answer Pay we are the only Request to Pay provider that covers the SEPA region including the UK out of the box.  We also connect to other schemes in other markets upon request and support multiple API standards to avoid isolated silos of Request to Pay customers.

We have also remedied the “chicken and egg” problem of trying to create a network of billers when there are no payers and vice versa.  Come and speak to us to find out more.


Easy integration, fully white-labelled

Request to Pay has taken off globally with 60% of SMEs benefitting in Australia, 130M consumers using it in India and not one but two schemes launching in the US.  Next, is Europe, which has seen a surge in market activity from banks who are keen to secure their role in being the first choice interface for payments. 

Answer Pay, has already certified it’s Request to Pay service and provides coverage for Europe including the UK.  Using our platform ensures the quickest time to value and abstracts the complexity of local and regional compliance.  It comes fully white-labelled and be branded in either your or your client’s brand.  

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Retail bank?

As the European Commission mandate adoption of SEPA instant and Pay.UK look to introduce New Payments Architecture there are some big opportunities out there.  However, it is can be hard to differentiate on payments particularly when it comes to core services which are largely standardised.

Integrating Request to Pay to your instant payment solution can help supercharge your payment offering.  For your customer it means greater resisitance to fraud and increased payment volume.



Banking as a service?

Customers leverage your platform due to the convenience you provide in offering customisable banking services.  Key to the next generation of services is Request to Pay, a way for your customers to build payment volume and avoid fraud.

Leverage our certified technology to secure more business both from this new revenue stream and the upsell of your core services.



Corporate banks?

E-invoice mandates are driving banks to roll out new services to help their corporate customers. 

Our Request to Pay solution solves the problem by providing an integrated digital invoice and payment request facility for your customers.  Best of all you can pre-integrate it with your reconciliation and CRM services to upsell a fully functioning business customer toolkit.

One API, 30 million businesses

To empower your customers it isn’t enough to offer the ability to view standing orders or Direct Debits.  Supercharge their experiences and give them the ability to automatically receive their bills from any supplier regardless of how they pay them.

To make this possible we connect to businesses via Request to Pay schemes in UK and continental Europe,  via cloud accountancy platforms, via invoice data feeds and lastly via direct access.  This gives us the maximum reach covering all your customer’s suppliers whether they have formally joined a Request to Pay scheme or not.

We take the complexity of these integrations and deliver it to you via a single API.  Best of all it is future proofed.  As Open Finance develops and regulators of utility companies mandate the availability of “Smart Data” (think Open Banking for utilities), through our compliant services you will be in prime position to deliver winning experiences to your customers.







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