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Why connect to Request to Pay with Answer Pay? Run-Time: 2-mins

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Bill payments are changing

In this era of digital connectivity one size no longer fits of all.

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Implement a Request to Pay service

Learn how our SPX™ platform can fast-track your move to digital bill payments.

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Avoid the cut

How do PSPs and banks avoid losing their place in billing because of disintermediation?

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The smarter way to bill pay

Never heard of Request to Pay – the UK’s answer to federated request for payments? 

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1 in 3 financial services professionals are thinking about how to approach new payment initiatives.

Source: Answer Digital Financial Services Survey 2020


For SMEs as Payers, RtP could reduce the unit cost of receiving and paying an invoice by up to 60%.

Source: Accenture – Economics of Request for Payment White Paper


of 24 to 35-year olds have had difficulties paying a bill in the last 12 months wanting the ability to DELAY, SKIP or MODIFY a payment.

Source: Answer Digital Financial Services Survey 2020

Solve the bill payment problem with Request to Pay

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Maximise Profitability

Better rates compared to cheque, cash and card payments while increasing transaction returns.

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Scale Payment Volumes

Adopt pay request styled digital payments to displace cash, card and cheque payments and win a higher share of the customer wallet.

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Simpler Integration

Successfully deliver the invoice and request for payment to the payer’s PSP.


First Mover Advantage

Fast growing digital invoice payments market attracts new customers and a larger share of wallet.  

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Your System, Your Way

Our white-label service can be fully integrated into an existing digital real estate.  

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Win Customers

Bring more value to billers by offering the digital payment services they demand.

How it works

Explore our ready to configure Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, that connects PSPs and banks to Request to Pay.

Payer’s bank/PSP

Manages payments on behalf of the payer.

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A consumer or business  that has made a purchase and needs to make a payment.

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Biller’s bank/PSP

Responsible for cash collection on behalf of the biller.

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Payer’s bank/PSP

A business invoicing for goods and services. 

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