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EBAday 2021 with Answer Pay

EBAday 2021 with Answer Pay

NEWS PROVIDED BY Answer Pay Ltd, 24th June 2021, 09:00 BSTLeeds-UK, 24th June, 2021—Answer Pay is delighted to have been selected as a FinTech finalist by FinExtra and Eurobanking association for their FinTech Zone during the virtual event. Who is behind EBAday?...

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Our API gives secure, unified access to financial institutions, enabling the integration of digital invoices and cash collection by bank transfer and powered two-way communication with payers.

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Step up to Request to Pay

Request to Pay by Pay.UK is a messaging ecosystem that provides the necessary interconnecting secure communications required to make secure payment requests possible.  Learn how to adopt it.  Explore the latest news and articles on the roll-out of RtP…

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The latest in bill pay innovation

Discover the latest innovations in the bill payments industry with our roundup of the latest articles, news and insights on the subject.

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Our analysis of Request for Payments

Find out what Request for Payments can do for your business and what buying options exist by exploring our dedicated insights page…

Adoption of Mobile Payments in UK in 2020/21

1. 1 billion people are predicted to use a mobile payment app worldwide. Merchantsavvy

2. The number of people who had registered for mobile payments by the end of 2020 increased by three quarters to over 17 million. Over a quarter of all adults used mobile payments in 2020. Ukfinance

3. In 2020, just over 50% of 16 to 34 year olds were registered for mobile payments compared with 11% of over 65s. NFCW

4. An estimated 71% of the UK population will use mobile apps for banking by 2024. Globalbusinessoutlook

5. The UK currently has the eighthhighest percentage of internet banking users in the EU.

6. 49% of surveyed global consumers shop online more now than they did before the pandemic. Bdo

7. 9 out of 10 UK payments in 2020 were contactless, leading to a planned contactless transaction limit increase to £100 Bdo

8. 83% of British consumers had used or were using a digital wallet or a mobile payment system. Payxpert

9. An estimated £8bn in tax revenue has been lost due to ‘cash in hand’ payments in the UK. A cashless society would make it far easier to prevent this  equivalent to 2% on the basic rate of income tax. Northrow

10. Between 14 March and 14 April 2020, 6 million people started banking online for the first time. Deloitte

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