EBAday 2021 with Answer Pay


Answer Pay Ltd

24th June 2021, 09:00 am BST

LEEDS, UK 24th June 2021 —Answer Pay is delighted to have been selected as a FinTech finalist by FinExtra and Eurobanking association for their FinTech Zone during the virtual event. 

Who is behind EBAday?

EBAday is an online event put together by two major companies in the payment industry.

FinExtra is a key digital media channel for payment professionals with a global readership. Their content covers technology news across a number of industries, including retail banking and insurance.

The Euro Banking Association, that can boast more than 160 members, is a forum for the European payments industry, designed to foster and drive pan-European payment initiatives. Their membership base is made up primarily of banks and key financial services enablement companies.

What is EBAday?

EBAday is an online event where attendees can learn more about future trends and strategic development of European payments and provides an opportunity to listen to insights from the payments industry’s most influential practitioners.

The online event occurs over three days, 28th-30th June, and this year keynote speakers will cover some significant topics, including:

  • Request to Pay
  • CBDC
  • Digital Identity
  • Real Time Payments
  • ISO Standards Transition

Ultimately, the main aim of this event is to encourage networking between participants…

“…attendees will have the opportunity to reach out and network with these industry leaders over the bespoke EBAday virtual event platform. The exhibition will be brimming with financial institutions and tech providers ready to mingle, while the highly anticipated Fintech Zone is featuring an impressive selection of leading European fintechs eager to interact and demonstrate their latest products”.

Why should you attend?

Take advantage of the curated selection of the best of the new and upcoming FinTechs by:

  • Taking part in as many live sessions as you like, participating in Q&As and interacting with polling questions. 
  • Listening to the latest in European payments, including: CBDCs and stable coins; trends in payments technology; intra-day liquidity management; ISO 20022 migration, and Open Banking.
  • Being the first to hear about breaking business news, product launches and industry announcements. 
  • Gaining access to the EBAday exclusive thought leadership publication, Business@EBAday.
  • Networking with industry experts and peers, via live video, direct messaging, and much more. 

 This event is perfect for investors and purchasers who only want to engage with high credibility start ups. 

FinTech Zone

The FinTech Zone is an area only open to the 12 FinTech finalists selected by FinExtra and Euro Banking Association. These finalists are seen by these organisations to be the top startups from across Europe, who have a working product or a proof of concept within the payments industry. 

Answer Pay is delighted to have been selected as a FinTech finalist. So join us in the FinTech Zone and learn more about Request to Pay.


Payments transformation in 2021 – The road to success

28th-30th June. Please note this is a third party charged event.

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